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Doerr & Knudson P.A. / Greig & Richards P.A.
Our firms promise to provide you with honest, competent, representation in legal matters involving serious injury and death.  This is not an idle promise.


We try complex cases, to both judges and to juries.  We don't "talk trial" we try cases.  David Richards has practiced law for 36 years, W. H. Greig for 33 years; Stephen Doerr & Randy Knudson have practiced since 1980.


Our collective experience spans approximately 100 jury trials with thousands of bench trials.


We have successfully represented thousands of clients on claims involving serious injury and death for over three decades.


Members of:

  • American Trial Lawyers Nursing Home Litigation Section

  • New Mexico Trial Lawyers Association

See us first when you need a lawyer!  We specialize in:

  • Medical and Professional Malpractice
  • Nursing Home Negligence
  • Automobile and Truck Accidents
  • Personal Injury or Death

When Excellence & Experience Counts, See us FIRST for Claims involving injury or loss to you or a loved one.


"The law firms of Doerr & Knudson, PA, and Greig and Richards, PA, are two separate professional associations, that have chosen to combine their legal expertise on some but not all cases. Each case will be evaluated and will be screened for possible conflict of interest  by either firm, and /or legal viability. The exact relationship of our firms in regard to your case will be set out in writing in a contract we will provide to you for review  and which will detail our fees, payment of costs and responsible attorneys. Our relationship with you will not commence until we have signed a written professional agreement that has been executed by you. Our firms adhere to the Rules of Professional Conduct, and the Creed of Professionalism."

Any information you obtain on this website is not intended to be legal advice.  You should consult with an attorney regarding your individual situation.