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Randy Knudson - Biography

Randy Knudson


Randy Knudson received his Juris Doctorate from the University of New Mexico, School of Law in 1980.  He is a member of the New Mexico State Bar, in good standing.


Mr. Knudson is a former Commissioner for the Judicial Standards Commission, which is a Commission created by the New Mexico Constitution in Article 6, §32, to regulate and enforce the ethical conduct of New Mexico Judges under the Code of Judicial Responsibility.  The Commission consists of two justices or judges, one magistrate judge, two lawyers, and six citizens. Mr. Knudson served in this capacity for 5 years, acting as a frequent Hearing Officer.


Mr. Knudson is a former member of the New Mexico Supreme Court’s standing Rules of Civil Procedure Committee for the District Courts.  This committee reviews and recommends changes to the Rules governing the procedures used by lawyers at the District Court level, in both trial and pre-trial settings.  


Mr. Knudson was appointed by the New Mexico Supreme Court to serve on the Judicial Performance Evaluation Pilot Study Committee. This Committee studied the feasibility of evaluating the performance of judges throughout the State and formed the structure for the current Judicial Evaluation Committee, which evaluates Judges performance throughout the New Mexico Courts. 


Mr. Knudson was appointed by the New Mexico Supreme Court to serve on the New Mexico Board of Bar Examiners, which regulates the admission of persons seeking to practice law.  He has served for over 10 years on the New Mexico Board of Bar Examiners and is the Chairman of the Character & Fitness Committee.


Mr. Knudson is a current Director for the New Mexico Trial Lawyers Association, is an active member and participant on the New Mexico Trial Lawyers Listserv.  He is also a member of the  American Association of Justice and a member of the AAJ Nursing Home Litigation Section. Mr. Knudson is a frequent presentor for the New Mexico Trial Lawyers Association on topics dealing with complex litigation.


At the local level, Mr. Knudson is the President of the Roosevelt County Committee Development Corporation, which is a 501C3, non-profit organization, charged with bringing and expanding economic opportunities in Roosevelt County, New Mexico.


Reported (Published) Appellate Opinions


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Other Significant Opinions Dealing With Issues

Effecting Nursing Homes Or Unconscionable Arbitration Clauses


  • Adkins et. al. v. Laurel Healthcare et. al., Ct App. No. 26,759  

      (Date of Decision: February 1st, 2008)


[Holding arbitration agreement in a nursing home setting was unconscionable].


Local Counsel for the National Citizen’s Coalition for Nursing Home Reform:


  • Amicus Curiae: Keith v. Manor Care, No. 28,008—pending before the New Mexico Court of Appeals



Local Counsel for the National Association of Retired Persons (AARP)


  • Amicus Curiae: Cordova v. World Finance Corporation, No. 30,536—pending before the New Mexico Court of Appeals


  • Amicus Curiae: Corum v. Roswell Senior Living Center, No. 28, 314—pending before the New Mexico Court of Appeals.



Contributing Author, New Mexico Trial Lawyers, Seminar Papers.


·        "Understanding and Making Effective Use of E-Discovery in Litigation and Its Interface With Daubert/Alberico." October 2008

·        “Winning Your Case by the Exclusion of Evidence” March 10th, 2006.

·        “Quantifying and Impeaching the Expert Witness”, Co-Author.

·        “Effective Use of Motion in Limine to Exclude Evidence”.

·        “Effective Use of Motions for Sanctions to Limit or Exclude Evidence”.



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